Visit Sancti Spíritus, Cuba


On the banks of the Yayabo river, right at the center of Cuba and approximately 350 km from the capital city is Sancti Spiritus, a unique city that celebrated 500 years in 2014. Proud of its history and past and with invaluable architectural treasures, Sancti Spiritus has these days a quite interesting offer for international tourism.


The city founded in 1514 by Diego Velazquez de Cuellar is a colorful city that keeps its old and vintage essence. It has an urban center that was declared National Monument in 1978 and that you can explore easily to admire lovely cobblestoned streets, historical buildings with stunning facades and balconies that boast the most diverse architectural styles.


Due to the celebrations of its half-millennium, Sancti Spiritus enjoys renewed airs yet manages to keep its traditions. The Serafin Sanchez Park in the Historic District is still the place where espirituanos and tourists gather to hear music, buy the typical “guayabera” shirts and even get online since this park has Wi-Fi access. The park, in addition to being a meeting point, has historical significance because this is the place where, in 1959, Fidel Castro gave a speech announcing the revolutionary triumph.


The ability that Sancti Spiritus has to maintain its historical and cultural identity while going through a renovation that allows it to meet the demands of our time is a great part of its attractive.


Once you’re here you’ll see that visiting Sancti Spiritus is to take a beautiful and colorful postal with you, a postal that will remain in your memory for a long, long time.


Some Places of Interest & Attractions in Sancti Spiritus Include:


  • The Yayabo Bridge.

Featuring Romanic style, this is a unique place in Cuba. It was inaugurated in 1825 and declared Public Monument in 1935. Its height exceeds the 9 meters and its extension the 85 meters. A local legend says that those who drink the waters of the Yayabo river in Sancti Spiritus, stay for good.


  • Major Church.

An impressive architectural jewel with its roman and baroque style, the Major Church is a National Monument since 1977. Its construction finished in 1680, making it the oldest construction in Sancti Spiritus, Cuba.


  • Guayabera House Museum.

The guayabera or habanera shirt has its home in Sancti Spiritus. This museum gathers around 180 pieces, some of them famous for having being used by personalities like Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Miguel Angel Asturias.


  • Casa de la Trova.

Close to the Major Church is this iconic place. Opened seven days a week, it brings its visitors the unique opportunity of listening to some real Cuban trova. The Casa de la Trova is a colonial house that dates back to the XVIII century, becoming the second oldest building in Sancti Spiritus right after the Major Church.


  • UNEAC House.

The base of the Cuba’s National Union of Writers and Artists has gone through an intense process of renovation to make it one more jewel of Cuban architecture. Its original construction dates back to the XVIII century with elements of the XIX and XX century.


  • Serafin Sanchez Museum House.

Dedicated to promote the most relevant aspects of the life of the Major General Serafin Sanchez, this museum has 8 halls and reopened its doors to celebrate the 500 anniversary of the Sancti Spiritus City. It exhibits valuable personal belongings and important documents related to the history of Cuba.


  • Yayabo Tabern.

A place to have a good time, enjoy good wines and cold meats, cheeses, chorizos and hams, the Yayabo Tabern is a must for those who want to eat good food and listen to Cuban trova.


  • Main Theatre.

Is the actual venue for the best cultural events in Sancti Spiritus. Famous for being the oldest theatre in Cuba, it was inaugurated in 1839 with a beautiful neoclassic style. Throughout its history it has suffered important structural damages and was used as a hospital and refuge. Nevertheless, after extensive repairs and renovations, the Main Theatre is these days one of the most important cultural precincts in Sancti Spiritus.

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